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“Stories isn’t just an album, it’s my autobiography… a journey. These are my stories about love, loss, life and change.”
Gary John Taylor wrote and recorded this album whilst in lockdown. Always Yours tells the story of Gary staying home and looking after the kids, whilst his wife (Jen) who is a nurse, has to leave for work at a hospital every day, putting herself and the family in danger.

Gary has been keeping himself busy entertaining the kids and providing lockdown live streams from home, captivating thousands of people with his humble yet charismatic performances. Rhino Skin the first single has really hit a chord with audiences, the words are so potent with the times we are in.

Gary put together a video for Rainbow using footage submitted by fans of their kids painting NHS rainbows. “It’s amazing what you can do when you are shut indoors, and it is magical to see the kids work coming together”. NHBest Gary’s previous single also created a massive reaction and has nearly amassed 20,000 plays with the royalties going to NHS Charities Together.

Gary joined his first band when he was 19, who according to Gary, were a terrible punk band “but it was the start of what makes me who I am today” he says thoughtfully, like he has stumbled on to his next killer lyric. He moved on to join New York Tourists in April 2009, where he wrote and sang all of the songs.

He has been support band for the likes of Status Quo, Kaiser Chiefs and the Buzzcocks, to name just a few. Francis Rossi of Status Quo once told Gary, he thought he was the best songwriter he’d heard in a long time.

Gary can’t wait to perform a real gig and have the opportunity to thank all the people who have supported his lockdown live sessions.

The album titled “Stories” featuring Rhino Skin is out now and is a taste of great things to come…
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